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Hi, I'm roxy641 AGEISM is the biggest
curse I face at the moment.


The Out Campaign: Scarlet Letter of Atheism

Bisexuality is Real.

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for the Farscape Webisode banners...
3. Farscape WEBISODES (SpriteLady on terrafirma.com)

2. Farscape WEBISODES (SpriteLady on terrafirma.com)


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I was born at a very early age. London boy/girl (bisexual)

Right now I'm having amnesia and deja vu at the same time.
STEVEN WRIGHT {American comedian}

Something like a song1

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Thanks to all who have made all these icons.
LOOK WHO’S BACK (radiotimes)
akte_icons When you gonna love me (Tori Amos)
alloutof_focus WHO-Fantastic

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bellalarina Star Trek 40th Anniversary-Uraha(spelling????)

calapine who made: Polly, have you ever read fanfic?/calapine)
POLLY-And then I wandered into.../amazing Grace/Curiuser-Romana/Writer-
Sarah Jane Smith/Barbara-Historian/Polly-Duchess/Unearthly child-WHO/
carman_lj My Fandom wears nice hats
cataclysmic WHO-Rose
ch1pper who made: Time Traveller-Life on Mars-John Simm/
Life on Mars2 John Simm2
coffee_nebula who made these Voyager icons-SevenOf9-resistance is futile
Captain & Tuvok/Voyager Crew2
dracothelizard Red Dwarf-Across the universe
eurothrashed All for you-Bowie
fadeastride Anothergodless Liberal
faery_icons peaceOnEARTH4 Peace on Earth bird
franny122004 Gillian Anderson5-Everyone smiles
gorbash085 Ello-Labyrinth
hawlla Sparky?
howlingmoon Female Fandom
icequeen31 Merry Frelling Christmas
iconone MOZSheila Take A Bow

Il_mare – Terry Jones-Two Sheds
_ improbable) or __improbable Hitchhikers Guide "I’m British…"
jackpaul Library-Eddie Izzard
kerravonsen DalekInquistion… New Dalek
khalls_stuff) Who-CaptainJack-Cpt Jack
khalls_stuff Who-Rose Tyler
kimbo_demonica Data-I feel the internet axiom WTF?
kimyoo_films a bit of Fry and Laurie
kirayoshi TREKfemaleLOVE (kissing females)

mata090680 FarscapeNiceEars
mimisoliel Beatles-Moving-cartoon
mimisoliel Yellow Submarine (moving Beatles)
oxygensuseless who made: ALICE-In A World of my own/We’re
all mad here/You may have noticed…
plathegreat85 U2-Beautiful Day
queen jude Debbie Harry/S.Vega, Debbie Harrry
raity_baby Bowie-Love
redscharlach 10th Doc “Call the POLICE there’s a madman.../
10th Doctor-the oncoming crush/So long, and thanks for all the fish…DOLPHIN
rob_t_firefly Ten Doctors (all 10 doctors flash by….)
rougevelvet CurtBrianDOLLS
saint_moro ChrisDavidGillian (x-files)
samwise Coupling-Nothing beats the Original
scorpy808 I am NOT a number
seshat1 iPod Resistance is useless-Dalek
sezzicons HitchhikersGuide-It’s like having your brains…
shunemo711 George Harrison (moving)
sleepless_icons MSP-in the beginning…/sleepless
icons Velvet Goldmine (And they say it isn’t natural)
souperbassi26 HitchikersGuide-After this…/
souperbassi26 -How am I going to…
Speshulduck Voyager-not Lost yet
speshulduck Voyager-Tuvok-Tim Russ-Not Amused
spotlighticons Scissor Sisters/Debbie Harry
sweetbizzbee Wonderfalls-Whatever
thehangedwoman GIRLS OR BOYS…bowie
whochick Who-saving the world…

Executive Transvestite ???


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Concerts I've seen this (last) year:

Crowded House (R.A.H. & W. Arena 2008)
Seen Tori Amos (3rd JUNE/4th JUNE, 2005)
Seen NEIL INNES (9th June 2005)
Seen SUZANNE VEGA (27th June 2005) </b>

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Beekeeper" (FEB, 2005), KATE BUSH (Aerial) NOV 2005

Terror Alert Level

These I did myself: Mr Fawlty/ABBA-Gold/
WHO-McCoy-Humans!!!! (7th doctor)/Kate Bush &
Peter Gabriel-Don’t Give Up roxy641
Thanks to http://co.ntagio.us/eljay/iconmaker/

I would like to thank all these people for letting me
use their wonderful icons
WHO fantastic (alloutof_focus) alloutof_focus
DOCTOR WHO-My fandom wears nice hats carman_lj
WHO-Grace/Historian-Barbara/Curiuser/Duchess/Sarah Jane-Writer/Unearthly child-Susan
WHO-Rose (cataclysmic) cataclysmic
WHO-Captain Jack/Rose (khalls_stuff) khalls_stuff
WHO-10th Doctor-call the POLICE there’s a madman around/
10th Doctor-Can‘t tie me down/10th Doctor-the oncoming crush redscharlach
WHO-DalekanimationI-pod (seshat1) seshat1
WHO-9doctors (spaciireth) spaciireth
WHO-Rose and 9th Doctor (who chick) who_chick
WHO-10 Doctors rob_t_firefly
FARSCAPE-Sparky (hawlla) hawlla
FARSCAPE-Female Fandom= howlingmoon
FARSCAPE-Nice Ears (mata090680) padabee
FARSCAPE-Debbie Harry-Suzanne Vega queen_jude
HITCHHIKERS-Dolphin-So long and thanks for all the fish redheadwonder12
HITCHHIKERS MOVIE-It’s like having your (sessions) sessions
HITCHHIKERS MOVIE-"...I'm British..." __improbable
HITCHHIKERS GUIDE-tv/How am I going to... souperbassi26
LABYRINTH-Ello’ gorbash085
RED DWARF-Across the universe dracothelizard
RED DWARF-Lister-The End? acme54
ST-Next GenerationInternet axiam WTF? Applies techno4tomcats
ST-VOYAGER Janeway + Tuvok/Crew2/7 of 9-resistance is futile:
ST-VOYAGER-Not Amused-Tim Russ-Tuvok/Not lost yetspeshulduck
THE PRISONER-I am not a number scorpy808
WONDERFALLS-Whatever sweetbizzbee
X-FILES-Gillian Anderson (franny122004) hazel_eyes_86
X-FILES-Gillian, Chris & David (saint_moro) saint_moro

TORI AMOS When you gonna love you as much as I do? akte_icons
TORI AMOS-Tired of you (another_pilot) another_pilot
BEATLES-Yellow Submarine - 2 icons mimisoliel
George Harrison-Animated George (shunemo711) shunemo711
DAVID BOWIE-Girls or boys? cetacea
DAVID BOWIE-All for you (eurothrashed) eurothrashed
Bowie-Love me (raity_baby) raity_baby
MSP/VELVET GOLDMINE-And they say it isn’t naturalsleepless_icons
MOZ-Sheila Take a bow (iconeone) iconeone
U2-Beautiful Day-animated (plathegreat85) zoostation
VELVET UNDERGROUND-CurtBrianDolls (rouge velvet) rouge_velvet
ATHEIST-Another godless Liberal (fade astride) fade_astride
PEACE ON EARTH (faery_icons) faery_icons
EDDIE IZZARD-Library jackpaul
CARRY ON screaming (kasdan) kasdan
COUPLING-Nothing beats the original (samwise) samwise
EDDIE IZZARD-Executive transvestite (????) exampleusername
MONTY PYTHON-Two Sheds (il_mare) il_mare

plus some new ones to add....TO BE UPDATED April 2nd, 2006.....

Interstellar Transmissions

"They always say time changes things, but you actually have to change them yourself".
Andy Warhol, The Philosophy of Andy Warhol

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"If you love something, set it free; if it comes backs it's yours, if it doesn't, it never was". Richard Bach

"The secret of becoming a star is knowing how to behave like one" EDDIE IZZARD in "Velvet Goldmine" film.

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"We are going to work. We carry on our lives. We don't let
a small group of terrorists change the way we live." Mr Livingstone.


You Will Fail

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